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millisecond transaction processing millisecond transaction processing

Scalable, Millions of Transactions

Each transaction executed within a few milliseconds or less
fast data processing fast data processing

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real time stream processing real time stream processing

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We Specialize in Big Data, Scalable Solutions with Parallel Processing

About Us

We, at Vcare, specialize in millisecond transaction processing and have delivered multiple projects successfully in the past. Our large & fast data processing solutions are completely scalable, which means you can increase or decrease the computing resources as per requirement and at any time you want.

We provide state-of-the-art solutions for processing millions of transactions per second. Not only our real time data stream processing solutions are fast, they are also extremely accurate and consistent. At Vcare, we use the latest in in-memory and parallel processing to get the processing tasks completed in the shortest amount of time possible. We use multiple points of redundancy in our operations to safeguard your data against natural disasters. Our datacenters on the cloud are completely secure and you can rely on them completely.

Our computing solutions have already been used successfully in telecom and financial sectors. We have a team of 100 engineers comprising data base administrators, data analysts and program managers. All our engineers are experienced and know the ins and outs of superfast computing and database management.

Our motto is to support our clients in every way possible. We spend a lot of time analyzing customers' requirements and only then formulate a strategy to accomplish the work. In case of any issue or query, we have a customer services team always ready to answer your every call.


real time stream processing real time stream processing

Multi Nodes

massive data processing massive data processing

Load Balancers

stream processing applications stream processing applications

Multiple Points of Redundancy

Multiple Processing

processing large amounts of data

Project Experience

Scalable Project for Telco and Financial Sectors

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Agile Solutions

  • With a group of our 100 engineers, DBA’s, Data Analysts and Program Managers
  • From Start to Finish
  • Working with Leading Companies

Key Features:

  • Scalable

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