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Maximize Insights In Real-Time With Stream Processing Applications

The world of today is extremely fast paced. And, when it comes to businesses, the pace can be unsettling for companies, especially the ones that rely on old processing methodologies. Nowadays, the reliance on Big Data is at an all-time high. To exploit Big Data benefits, the standard processing applications simply do not work. There is a need to leverage stream processing applications to counter the threat of competition.

Leverage Big Data with Real Time Data Stream Processing

 Real time data stream processing is a relatively new technology. It can be used to query constant data streams that are ingested by a company’s computer systems. The time it takes to detect patterns and conditions from the ingested data can vary from a fraction of a second to a few minutes. It is extremely useful in scenarios where time is of essence and any delay in addressing a situation can be detrimental to the fate of the whole operation. For example, in cases where the temperature needs to be maintained within prescribed limits for optimal storage, the data coming from thermostat sensors need to be queried regularly. The moment the value limit is breached, the necessary course of action should be initiated. When you have a quality real time data stream processing platform at your disposal, undesirable situations are fixed at the right time and damage is avoided.

Essential Requirements for Flawless Functioning of Stream Processing Applications

Stream processing applications require the below mentioned resources to ensure proper operation and timely insight generation:

  1. Hardware: In memory processing hardware is required for real time data stream processing. In memory processing is accomplished by using RAM instead of HDD for storage. Because RAM-based storage allows for the quickest fetching of data, the queries are executed on ingested data in real-time.
  2. Software: MemSQL is a relational database that is fundamental to the correct execution of stream processing applications.
  3. Experienced workforce: Real time data stream processing is a processor-intensive task that puts huge load on the servers. To ensure that servers remain operational and errors are minimized, you need server experts and DBAs with past experience of handling similar projects.

Superfastprocessing: The Home of Real Time Data Stream Processing

Using superfastprocessing as your partner for real time data stream processing gives you access to all the right hardware and software resources via AWS portal. It also has veteran DBAs and server experts that are well-drilled in server operations involving real time data stream processing. Below are some of the most important credentials of Superfastprocessing platform:

  1. Horizontal scalability: As the processing requirements can increase at any moment, horizontal scalability i.e. addition of new servers in series for offloading processing tasks is required. We, at Superfastprocessing, have ample capacity to take on a project of any scale and deliver quality results.
  2. Fault tolerance: Our processing platform has high fault tolerance, which means that our platform is highly resilient to errors. It also has self-diagnostic functionality that triggers the moment a fault develops in the system.
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