Improve OLTP and OLAP Performance with In Memory Scalable Transactions

Online processing has become a vital part of business operations. Whether it is processing of transactions (OLTP) or recurring analytics (OLAP), cutting-edge processing solutions have become the need of the hour. In memory scalable transactions processing allows companies in telecom and financial industry to execute vast troves of ingested data in a jiffy.

The Importance Of In Memory Scalable Transactions Processing for Online Processing

Legacy processing architecture was based upon disk-based processing. It is still prevalent and heavily used in industries, but there is a better alternative in the form of in memory processing. In memory processing employs RAM instead of hard disk for storage of data, which ensures quick fetching of data and cuts down the time it takes for the execution of queries. In memory scalable transactions are particularly effective in handling large amount of data ingested by telecom and financial systems. Also, to ensure optimal results from a Big Data analytics, it is important to complement OLAP and OLTP with MemSQL.

Both OLTP and OLAP paradigms can overlap. For example, OLTP transactions are the fundamental source of information. And, OLTP databases become the prime source of data for OLAP. Mostly, OLAP use cases are much more complex than OLTP and take a longer time in processing. However, the use of in memory scalable transactions processing along with MemSQL can considerably curtail the time it takes for the processing of OLTP/OLAP transactions.

Leverage In Memory Processing by Employing a Specialist Processing Platform

In memory processing is a crucial part of modern-day OLTP and OLAP operations. Along with parallel processing, it is the major computing technology that is needed for performing voluminous processing tasks. However, apart from being fast, a processing platform needs to have other attributes as well, in order to be beneficial for a business operation. Have a look at some of the important features:

Security of data stored in the server

The server that is used for the storage of large amount of data needs to be bolstered with the latest encryption to prevent hackers from accessing it. Also, the rights to access in a multi-tenancy platform need to be defined properly to stop unauthorized access. At Superfastprocessing, you get access to completely secure servers with pre-defined access rights.

Fault tolerance and self-diagnosis capabilities

A server under heavy load may develop minor faults at some stage. It might not be plausible to fix the errors manually all the time. Therefore, you need a server with good fault-tolerance and self-diagnosis capabilities to ensure automatic resolution of minor issues and consistency of an operation.

Horizontal scalability

When it comes to transaction processing and analytics, the amount of data ingested by an OLTP or OLAP system can increase at any time. Therefore, you need a processing service provider that offers complete horizontal scalability i.e. the addition of more servers in series to address the requirements posed by an increased load.

At Superfastprocessing, you get in memory scalable transactions processing capabilities that can be increased to any scale as per your requirement. We also have professionals with knowledge of modern databases like MemSQL and seasoned server experts who can help you carry out your massive processing operations systematically.

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