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Empower Big Data Processing and Make Timely Decisions for Business Growth

Taking business decisions at the right time makes a huge difference in any commercial endeavor. It can be the difference between success and failure, especially in this age of competition where every business has several competitors vying for the same customer base. As there are multiple dynamics that influence business decisions, it is hard to take each one of them into account during the analysis phase. Big Data processing simplifies this procedure and allows for dissection of every fact through insights that can be worthwhile for a business venture.

The Employment of Big Data Processing in Financial and Telecom Industry

Financial institutes like banks perform activities that involve the ingestion of vast troves of data in the form of customer debit/credit card information, address, phone number etc. Telecom industry also sees daily transmission of the huge amount of data related with activation of accounts, prepaid/postpaid plan offerings, customer interactions captured via CRM, plan purchases etc. Such data can be directly linked with customer behavior if you have the right tools at your disposal. Big Data processing along with stream processing applications helps in discovering insights that cannot be figured out with the human mind. However, such initiatives require vast processing power and expertise. Purchasing in-house equipment to perform data analysis, especially real-time data analytics can be a costly endeavor. Therefore, one should look for a platform that provides all these capabilities.

Essential Attributes of a Big Data Processing Platform to Unlock Success

Modern-day businesses are crammed with a plethora of responsibly. Performing additional tasks like Big Data processing can make the whole operation too elaborate, and have a huge bearing on the core operations. Superfastprocessing provides an easy alternative as it has a fully-functional AWS portal equipped with all the modern features. Have a look at some of its major attributes:

  1. In-memory processing capability: The next-gen in-memory processing platform allows you to run stream processing applications to derive insights in real-time. However, it is an intricate platform that can be hard to manage for a novice. It requires MemSQL database expertise and cutting-edge techniques for generating real-time insights that can be valuable to a business venture. At Superfastprocessing, you get access to all these capabilities via an AWS portal. In the background, every activity is managed by a team of expert DBAs and server analysts who oversee and supervise every client-related task.
  2. Horizontal scalability and load balancing: To accommodate for an increasing load on the server, Superfastprocessing allows for horizontal scalability i.e. you can add new servers to offload the exceeding load and execute intensive Big Data processing In case of a sudden rise in load, in-built load balancers shift the tasks from a heavily burdened server to a free one, ensuring smooth execution of stream processing applications.
  3. Fault-tolerance: The servers at Superfastprocessing have high fault-tolerance, which means the operations are performed even when the server encounters minor faults. Therefore, the consistency of operation is never compromised, allowing your business to run flawlessly throughout day and night.
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