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Analyze Security Logs to Improve Security Standards with Scalable Solutions Processing

IoT has been the buzzword in the telecom industry for almost a decade. Although analysts remain brutish about its potential to succeed in the coming time, it has not hit the stratospheric peaks that were expected of it. As we speak, IoT sensor chips are getting modified for added security, hardware manufacturers are hard at work to improve the processing power of chips and the versatility in Internet connectivity (for addressing the different requirements of different IoT use cases) has increased considerably. But, the main issue with IoT still remains security that needs to be bolstered with robust security measures. The need for a large and scalable solutions processing platform that can analyze security logs and provide insights about any loopholes in the security has become the need of the hour.

IoT Point of Concerns

IoT has not hit the homerun that was expected from it because of several reasons. There is a need for better data management, privacy policies and bandwidth concerns. But, one thing that remains a constant in the obstacles faced by IoT tech is a lack of quality and scalable solutions processing solutions. An inability to analyze security logs and many other security concerns in real-time are the main reasons for IoT platform’s lack of development. Below are some points of concerns related with IoT:

  1. An increase in automation of services poses new threats for IoT security
  2. Security issues can pose regulatory and compliance-related risks for enterprises
  3. Consumers may become reluctant to use IoT services because of previous incidents of security breaches
  4. IoT storage management requires robust encryption to safeguard the stored data

The launch of IoT tech brings in a major transformation in the way Internet technologies work. Most WAN interfaces are devised to facilitate human use, but when machines communicate automatically, the change in methodology requires improved security measures.

Reliable Large Data Processing Solutions: The Biggest Need of IoT Platform

Large data processing solutions can help MNOs and MVNOs deliver better IoT services to their subscribers. According to a survey by HP, 70% of IoT devices that are operational right now are vulnerable to hack attacks. Hence, it is important to have a fast processing platform that incorporates the latest tech and deliver better services overall. Have a look at some important features of such a platform:

  1. Real-time in-memory processing – A real-time in-memory processing solution powered by MemSQL offers real-time insights and feedback, which is essential for the secure operation of an IoT platform. It utilizes RAM instead of HDD for storing data and allows for quick fetching and querying of ingested data.
  2. Horizontal scalability – For a large data processing platform to be successful, it should allow for horizontal scalability i.e. addition of servers in horizontal series. Such an arrangement of servers lets you maintain the processing operations even when one server malfunctions. The handover to the server next-in-line is almost immediate, which ensures all the IoT security data analysis, information processing and insight generations are carried out smoothly.
  3. Fault tolerance – Any system is liable to experience faults at some stage, which is why; the ability to withstand a fault and recover from it should be high on your priority list.

At Superfastprocessing, you get a horizontally scalable and fault-tolerant processing platform to carry out all your telecom services related operations flawlessly.

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