The Best Guide for Superfast Processing with the Power of MemSQL

Real-time data analytics is a prevalent term in the industry, but most people don’t understand its true meaning. If you think real-time is always instantaneous i.e. an input through a user instantly leads to the generation of an insight, then you can’t be more wrong. Different applications have different timeframes, in which, an insight can be useful. Therefore, help in bulk data processing needs to be sought according to the exact requirements of a business.

Varying Examples of Real-Time Data Processing

Telematics are often used in self-driving cars for navigational purposes. The feedback received from the road needs to be updated to the server in a fraction of a second, in order to derive an insight that can maneuver the car in the right direction. Any delay can cause a catastrophe. On the other hand, in an industrial storage solution where the temperature has to be decreased/increased depending on the conditions of the stored items, the time window for making the change is relatively larger. The insights derived for both these cases would be deemed real-time, in spite of the large difference in time between the two incidents.

The Importance of Real-Time Processing and MemSQL

Real-time processing solutions employ an in-memory platform that uses RAM instead of HDD for storing data. This makes data fetching incredibly fast and allows for quick processing. Also, it reduces the need for large storage media, which further helps in reducing the cost of infrastructure.

To ensure that a real-time processing platform works as expected, it is essential to employ MemSQL database platform. It is a cutting-edge relational database and is built for speed. The data is ingested at lightning fast speed and the performance of queries is enhanced. Moreover, as MemSQL is built for cloud-based platform, it is far more scalable than any other database platform.

As MemSQL is the best data architecture for operational analytics, it is conducive for data analytics technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It would be cumbersome and hard to analyze large amount of data in real-time if you are using a legacy platform for the purpose. Hence, it is important to get all the help in bulk data processing with superfast processing solutions for your business.

Harness the Real Value of MemSQL and Big Data Processing

Big Data processing is essential for generating insights, but the process has to be dependable and efficient for worthwhile returns on investments. Therefore, as an entrepreneur looking for help in bulk data processing, it is essential to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Horizontal scalability and load balancers – To make the most of big data processing solutions, it is essential to have a horizontally scalable processing platform that comes integrated with load balancers. Such a platform will allow you to shift the processing load from servers that are over utilized, hence preventing any sudden failure. This will ensure a highly available platform that you can rely on completely.
  2. Experienced overseers and security measures – A superfast processing platform using MemSQL requires considerable expertise. Therefore, you need a team of DBAs, software programmers and server experts to ensure proper completion of processing tasks. Also, as a lot of customer-related data is stored on these servers, you need to implement tight security measures to prevent data theft.

At Superfastprocessing, you will get all the help you will ever need for your real-time processing tasks. It is operational 24×7 and has a seasoned workforce that excels in managing Big Data analytics for both financial and telecom enterprises.


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