In memory transaction loads

Don’t Let In Memory Transaction Loads Spoil Big Data with Superfast Processing

Big Data analytics have evolved into a major requirement of businesses looking to counter the threat of excessive competition. As many companies fight for the attention of same customer base, there is a need to differentiate one from another. And, this can only be done if you have the insights required to alter your business strategies according to the ever-changing customer tendencies. To ensure timely interventions and amending a business plan on the go, it is important to manage in memory transaction loads for leveraging real-time data analysis.

In Memory Processing for Real-Time Big Data Analytics

In-memory processing is a new processing technology that utilizes RAM instead of hard disk for storage of data. As RAM is considerably faster than HDD, it allows for faster fetch times, so fast that it is even possible to process data in real-time. When combined with parallel processing, in-memory processing allows for real-time insight generation through big data analytics. To leverage real-time processing, MemSQL database platform is required along with capable workforce that can handle any issues that arise during everyday operation.

Exploit Complete Data Benefits with Robust and Consistent Processing Platform

Big data processing relies on consistent processing of data. As systems ingest data, there is a need to put it to good use through quick insight generation. However, in memory transaction loads can be quite debilitating as they can bring a halt to a business operation. An overloaded server may fail, which can bring the work to a standstill. Therefore, it is essential to use superfast processing solutions that are reliable. Have a look at some attributes of a quality platform:

  1. In-memory and parallel processing: An in-memory and parallel processing platform is needed for proper evaluation of voluminous data streams. Superfastprocessing is an expert in big data processing that employs an AWS platform for the fastest conversion of data into insights.
  2. Load balancers: In memory transaction loads over multiple servers can compromise a server. But, Superfastprocessing employs load balancers that switch the load from an overburdened server to another one that is free. The quick switching of loads ensures that severs don’t go down and your operations are carried out as expected.
  3. Horizontal scalability: Superfastprocessing has multiple servers that are horizontally scalable, which means that the number of servers can be increased whenever there is a business need.
  4. Fault removal: At Superfastprocessing, you get a platform that displays high fault tolerance and ensures that operations are not compromised even when there is a minor fault. The servers have self-diagnosis capabilities, which allow them to find and remedy minor faults automatically.

Apart from the platform, you also get access to a workforce that is proficient in managing processing operations. It has server experts and Data Base Analysts (DBAs) who have long-term experience of overseeing processing operations for both financial and telecom industry. The seasoned veterans at Superfastprocessing can help you perform better big data processing and allow you to improve your business prospects with constant insights.

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