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How to Make Machine Data Useful with Real-Time In-Memory Processing Solutions?

Machines play a vital role in today’s business operations. Almost every industry is automated and the reliance on machines is quite high. But, even with all the right resources, it has become difficult for a company to differentiate itself from its competitors. Using traditional methodology, it is simply not possible to evoke customer interest. However, cutting-edge analytics and Big Data are a different proposition altogether. Big Data analytics can be implemented on vast troves of data to unearth useful insights. Therefore, you should make machine data useful by employing the right tools.

The Need for Real-Time In-Memory Processing Solutions

Big Data analytics have been used for a number of years to unearth the real value of data for businesses. Real-time in-memory processing solutions provide a more effective way to analyze data because of the following reasons:

  1. In-memory database systems come embedded with real-time processing technology that is not heavily dependent on computer resources like storage capacity.
  2. The use of MemSQL, which is a real-time version of RDBMS, allows for quick querying of data just as it reaches the ingestion points.
  3. Faster query time allows businesses to make sense of the data coming in on real-time basis.
  4. Removes the need of indexing of data and storage of pre-aggregated data in aggregate tables
  5. Allows for faster implementation of business analytics

On-premise real-time processing is not possible for every enterprise as it requires in-memory processing platform. An in-memory processing platform employs RAM instead of HDD for storage of data, which can be a costly investment. Therefore, offloading your work to a competent vendor with necessary in-memory resources can cut down the cost of operation considerably. The efficiency of the process of using data streams can be maximized with Superfastprocessing solutions.

Superfastprocessing: The Best Platform to Make Machine Data Useful

Superfastprocessing is one of the best platforms to make machine data useful because of the following reasons:

  1. Allows you to access AWS platform that is a dependable solution for the process of using data streams and leveraging received data for maximum business advantage
  2. Equipped with load balancers, the servers can be added horizontally allowing for immense horizontal scalability. It means that you can increase the processing capacity as per the increasing workload, whenever you want.
  3. High fault tolerance to withstand faults and self-diagnosis capabilities to recover from minor faults without any external input.
  4. Parallel processing and in-memory processing capabilities to ensure all types of processing work can be completed on time


In this age of excessive competition, companies need the best processing resources to make machine data useful. With an in-memory processing platform, it is possible to generate insights in real-time that can be extremely useful for business operations. Superfastprocessing is a reliable platform for real-time data processing and has the best talent in the form of experienced DBAs and server analysts to undertake processing task of any magnitude.






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