Batch Processing vs. Stream Processing Big Data: The New Age of Computing

Modern-day businesses operate at breakneck speeds and generate massive amount of data. Every piece of information embedded in data is priceless and it is important to act upon it fast to maximize its value. In order to extract the information, Big Data analytics are required. As Big Data tech has grown leaps and bounds in the recent years, it can prove invaluable for a business operation. But, it comes with its own challenges: processing of data being the first and foremost. Nowadays, two processing methodologies are utilized by companies – batch processing and stream processing big dataContinue reading

make machine data useful

How to Make Machine Data Useful with Real-Time In-Memory Processing Solutions?

Machines play a vital role in today’s business operations. Almost every industry is automated and the reliance on machines is quite high. But, even with all the right resources, it has become difficult for a company to differentiate itself from its competitors. Using traditional methodology, it is simply not possible to evoke customer interest. However, cutting-edge analytics and Big Data are a different proposition altogether. Big Data analytics can be implemented on vast troves of data to unearth useful insights. Therefore, you should make machine data useful by employing the right tools.Continue reading

Real-time data stream processing

Leverage Data Value for Your Business with Real-Time Data Stream Processing

Data value is dependent on many factors such as data relevance, data volume and the amount of time spent in deriving value from data. However, due to a rise in competition and a shorter window of opportunities, businesses are looking for data that can be put to good use in real-time. Nowadays, the window of opportunities to exploit insights has become very short. This has happened because competitors are often using similar databases and coming to the same conclusion after analyzing it. Hence, to really make the most out of a database, it is imperative that you utilize it before anyone else does, which can be done with real-time data stream processing. Also, there are many fields, in which, real-time data stream processing is extremely useful e.g. IoT. Therefore, real-time data stream processing has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury.Continue reading