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Discover Help in Bulk Data Processing with memSQL support

MemSQL is an in-memory SQL DBMS (Database Management System) that help in bulk data processing and allows companies to generate relevant insights for the welfare of their business. It can be exceptionally useful in financial and telecom business domains where there is a lot of data generated in real-time.

MemSQL for Real-Time Data Processing

MemSQL allows for constant observation and unearthing of relevant insights for business. Along with that, it comes with fully-scalable reporting functionality and analytics that are disseminated across the various data entry points. Some of the major advantages of utilizing MemSQL are listed below:

  1. Best performance in terms of converting events into business-critical insights
  2. Unrestricted data ingestion capabilities for real-time processing of queries
  3. Built-in real-time pipelines for data integration eliminate the need for costly integration tools
  4. Columnstore compression tools for quick analytics
  5. Balancing of data and queries throughout multiple clusters of cloud for enhancing performance
  6. Scalable transactions and analytical capabilities made possible because of low-latency, which promotes memory optimization
  7. High-fault tolerance compared with other RDBMS platforms

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, MemSQL provides the advantage of drop-in compatibility. It can be plugged and played directly with already prevalent technologies and tools like Kafka and Spark.

Bulk Data Processing Solutions with MemSQL with Superfast Processing

As MemSQL utilizes in-memory processing for real-time data analysis, it requires a competent processing infrastructure. The cost of procuring all the resources in-house to get all the processing tasks done can be unsettling for any business. It is a lot better to get some help in bulk data processing operations by employing a platform like Superfastprocessing. Before offloading your work to a vendor, you should look for the following credentials:

  1. Horizontal scalability for big data – Big data requires you to have multiple data centers that have ample juice to get your analytics work done in the shortest amount of time. At Superfastprocessing, you get access to multiple servers that help in bulk data processing and generate timely insights for your business.
  2. Management of fail factors – To ensure a truly reliable platform that offers consistent results, it is essential to manage the fail factors well. Superfastprocessing excels in fail factors management and helps you enhance the quality of your work output.
  3. Best-in-tech processing capabilities – Superfastprocessing has a premium AWS account, which means all the best hardware and software resources are made available to you. This results in better performance and consistency in the generation of business-related insights.


As businesses evolve and their reliance on insight generation becomes more pressing than ever, the importance of real-time processing has grown. To fulfill this requirement, you need help in bulk data processing from an accomplished vendor that has access to all the right resources. Powerful hardware resources are the need of the hour but what is even more important is the DBMS platform that you employ. MemSQL is a cutting-edge database platform that is equipped with all the latest functionalities to improve the quality and quantity of work.

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